How To Wash Clothes Without Water

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An easy way to become more sustainable and kinder to the planet, is to reduce/change the way we wash out clothes.

Every time we wash our clothes, thousands of fibres are released from the clothes and passed through our water systems, ultimately ending up as a pollutant in our environment. Depending on the fabric your clothes are made from, you could also be releasing thousands of microplastics with each wash.

Whilst washing your clothes can't always be avoided, there are some really useful tips and tricks you can use to help preserve your clothes for longer and prevent the use of machine washing and subsequent release of microplastics/microfibres.

Here at Phloem we advise you to wash your clothes as little as possible for the sake of both preserving your clothes and the environment. When you do need to wash them, we recommend a low temperature wash with liquid detergent (powder detergents create more friction and hence more fibres released from the fabrics) and let you clothes air dry to avoid using tumble dryers.

Here are a number of useful tricks that can be used to remove common stains from your clothes, and prevent you having to wash them entirely.


Stain                      Removal agent

Grass                      Vinegar

Red Wine               White wine

Grease                   Soda

Blood                      Hydrogen peroxide

Oil                            White chalk

Deodorant              Denim

Sweat                      Lemon juice

Lipstick                   Baby wipes

Ink                          Milk

Make-up                Shaving cream


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