About Us

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Phloem flow-em - The tissue that carries sugars around a plant.
Nothing is more important than our Environment.
First sparked as an idea travelling through Norway and Sweden in October 2018, immersed in nature and our environment, Phloem was established in Manchester, Summer 2019. 
We are dedicated to contributing to environmental focused, ethical and sustainable changes in fashion. Check out how we are doing this here.
We hope that through sustainable organic fashion, we can help contribute to the change that our Environment needs.
Our clothing is made from 100% Organic Cotton with suppliers accredited by the Global Organic Textile Standard and Soil Association Organic Standard. All of our garments are made in a factory that is a member of, and is closely monitored by, the Fair Wear Foundation.
Phloem is more than just an online store. Please check out our blog for tips, tricks and ideas on how we can live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life.
We are all about collaboration and would love to hear from you. Get in touch either through our contact page or drop us a line on