Top 3 Low-Maintenance Houseplants

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We are big fans of houseplants here at Phloem, and even bigger fans of ones that are low-maintenance.  We like them enough that it was the main influence behind our Phloem Original Tee.
House plants have so many benefits alongside the obvious aesthetic gains. They are great at merging the indoor and outdoor world and bringing you closer to our environment and nature. Here's our favourite three house plants that don't require much looking after.

1 - Spider Plant

Spider plants are a nice tough plant that doesn't need too much in the way of maintenance. Place them in a brightly light room out of direct sunlight, with well-drained soil and they will really thrive. They need a water every now and then, but don't let them get too soggy. Letting them dry out between watering is usually advised to avoid overwatering. It can be worth bearing in mind that Spider plants also prefer slightly cooler temperatures.

2 - Aloe 

Aloe is another tough plant. It's a really hardy succulent that isn't going to punish you for forgetting to water it (especially through the winter). Aloe actually holds water in it's leaves so can last for quite long periods of time between watering. The only issue with Aloe is that they won't wilt or give you a sign that they need watering, so have a quick check of the soil every now and then and see if it needs topping up.

3 - Peace Lily

The Peace Lily needs the right conditions, but once set up, will really thrive and give long-lasting white flowers. They need a medium lit room with mostly indirect light. You will need to keep an eye on the water level more than the previous two, so make sure the plant doesn't dry out. Water it most days through the summer, and less frequently in the winter months. But once you have the plant dialled in, the long-lasting flowers and elegant look makes it completely worth it.

There is a long list of low-maintenance indoor plants you could have, but these top picks should give you a bit of a start into the world of plants. Give us a shout with any suggestions, and tag us on Instagram with any pictures of your houseplant setups, we'd love to see them!

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